Mantoshe Singh Devji


Mantoshe Devji is a fascinating person. She is a US-based author, journalist and public speaker of Indian origin. One of the most fascinating things to note is the range of topics upon which she has written and spoken about. We go from the first of its kind book on women and heart disease to a historical-fiction about the foundation and origins of the Taj Mahal.

Her writings are often political and deal with current affairs also, most notably in her best selling book ‘The Mad Messiah, Osama Bin Laden and the Seeds of Terror’.

She also describes herself as ‘someone on an eternal quest for understanding and personal spiritual development’ and it is this that lead her to examine the ties between Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. This is what leader to her 5 year research project exploring traditions of Jesus in the East.

Humanity’s Messiah – The Secret Life of Jesus Christ – The Lost Years


On this book project she has the following on her website:

“In “Humanity’s Messiah” the author has exhaustively examined the traditions and history of all the world’s major religions and has personally travelled in the supposed footsteps of the Messiah through North Inid and in to Kashmir at great personal peril because the area is plagued by terrorism and kidnappings. In Kashmir Devji was protected as a guest of local scholars and visited holy sistes that have been maintained for thousands of years, including the ancient grave of a holy man from the West who is buried in Kashmir, and upon whose hands and feet were the scars of Crucifixion. It is proof of the shocking legends of the missing years and the surprising unity of these vastly varied traditions that Devji wishes to share with her readers. This makes her newest project so timely and exciting in a world more divided than ever before, and in its greated need for undertanding”

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