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“Maury Lee was raised on three continents. Deeply sensitive to cultural beliefs and myths, he absorbed the themes, looking for the universals. Raised by Christian fundamentalists while living among Stone Age natives, proved a daunting task. Hypocrisy stared him in the face from a very early age. His psyche was, as the saying goes, firmly “in the tigers mouth.” With a degree in Creative Writing and a Masters in Counseling, his pen scripts a broad and bold stroke. He claims a triple PhD. in late night reading, and brings it all to hand in this immensely challenging novel. He has uniquely presented, a deeply spiritual novel that transcends belief and exposes a universal mystical core. This novel takes you on a journey with the young Jesus to Alexandria, Egypt, down the Silk Road to India and Tibet, and back to Israel. The Greatest Story has never been told like this. “

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Although Maury’s book does not explore the post crucifixion life in detail it explores themes related with India and has the young Jesus travelling widely in Asia during his youth.

To date it is the only book exploring the Jesus in India theory through fiction. With the success of “Da Vinci Code” the value of using fiction to raise awareness about an alternative history for Jesus is clear to see.

“Jesus Lived in India”

Maury Lee explains that his fictional biography of Jesus is based largely upon research published by Holger Kersten in “Jesus lived in India”.

Areas of Research

– Jesus in India
– Eastern spirituality.


Maury Lee is in the process of working to try and get his book made in to a film

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