Holger Kersten

Holger Kersten believe that the ‘Original Jesus’ was a Buddhist. In his book “The Original Jesus” Kersten argues that the sayings and teachings of Jesus have little relation to Judaism and are strongly connected to Buddhist teaching.

Kersten then added to this with a book exploring Jesus’ links with India, and also strongly connecting this with Jesus’ survival from the cross and the Shroud of Turin in ‘The Jesus Conspiracy’.

Kersten has been able to bring these topics to a wide variety of people with his books that have all sold well throughout the world.

He is still active in research in this area and had tried to secure access to the Tomb for scientific tests.

Areas of Research

Research areas include:

– Buddhist Sources of Jesus’ teaching

– Jesus in India

– Tomb in Kashmir

– The Shroud of Turin

– Development of Christan Doctrine

The Origianal Jesus

This famous text aims to show the “Buddhist Sources of Christianity” and does indeed highlight certain remarkable similarities between the documented life of Jesus and Buddha.

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