Andreas Faber Kaiser

Andreas Faber Kaiser

Andreas Faber Kaiser

Andreas Faber Kaiser (1944 – 1994) is the first Western author to write a full-length book on the subject of Jesus in Kashmir. That book is entitled, Jesus Died in Kashmir: Jesus, Moses and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (1977: Gordon & Cremonesi). The book is a gem, and now rather difficult to find. In October of 2005, Edaf Antillas published the third edition of Kasier’s, Jesus Vivio Y Murio En Cachemira (Jesus Lived and Died in Kashmir), which is still available in the Spanish language.

Jesus Died in Kashmir – Astounding new discoveries about the life and death of Jesus Christ

This book by Andreas Faber Kaiser is one of the key scholarly texts related to the Jesus in India theory.

The back of the book reads as follows:


  • Why has the Bible nothing to say of Jesus between his birth and the age of twelve? And between the ages of thirteen and twenty-nine?
  • Where did he spend these years – and what did he do?
  • Did he fulfil his earthly mission to find the lost tribes of Israel?
  • Did Christ really die on the cross?

Andreas Faber-Kaiser has assembled an arresting body of evidence to throw new light on these questions. This evidence supports a completely new concept of Jesus. For Example, among a group of people living in Kashmir today calling themselves ‘Children of Israel’, the author has found a living descendent of Jesus with a complete family tree tracing his descent over 2000 years.

Calmly and persuasively, this book examines revolutionary new findings and theories to reveal how Christ survived the ordeal of crucifixion, went East to find the ‘Children of Israel’ – and completed his mission on Earth.

Passion for Research

Kaiser’s passion and expertise lie in uncovering, and exposing, unknown history. He was also interested in the paranormal, as well as ufology. The following list of books by Kaiser offer insight into his interests:

  • Grandes Enigmas Del Cielo Y De La Tierra (January, 1973)
  • ?Sacerdotes O Cosmonautas (January, 1974)
  • Jesus Vivio Y Murio En Cachemira/Jesus Lived and Died in Kashmir (January 1976)
  • Jesus Died in Kashmir : Jesus, Moses and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (January 1977)
  • Werbung, Theorie Und Praxis Werblicher Beeinflussung (January 1980)
  • Las Nubes Del Engano : Cronica Extrahumana Antigua (January 1984)
  • La Caverna De Los Tesoros (January 1984)
  • Sobre El Secreto (October 1985)
  • Pacto De Silencio : La Ocultacion De La Verdadera Causa Del Sindrome Toxico Impidio La Curacion De Miles De Espanoles (January 1988)
  • El Muneco Humano Nos Fabricaron Para Utilizarnos (January 1989)

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