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Welcome to The Tomb of Jesus Website – Tomb of Jesus in India
Jesus in Kashmir

Welcome to The Tomb of Jesus Website

The Tomb of Jesus Website 

This website presents evidence that Jesus Christ survived his crucifixion and travelled to Kashmir, India.
It presents evidence that he lived the rest of his life in Kashmir, and his tomb is located in the Kan Yar section of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, India.

Website Features:

  1. Media Section – films, documentaries and multimedia clips
  2. The Tomb Section – Photographs and descriptions of the tomb in Kashmir
  3. Online Forum – Discuss the topics brought up on the website
  4. Multimedia – Throughout the website we have video clips from the films on this subject and from YouTube

Modern Research, Authorship and Films

There have been many books on the subject now and the number of researchers in this field is growing continually. Since the turn of the millenium docuemantaries on the subject have even appeared detailing the tomb and its story.

The most recent film being Paul Davids’ ‘Jesus in India’ a 2008 film examining the theory and featuring an interview with the current editor of the Tomb of Jesus website, Arif Khan. Recent books on the subject are:

Christ of Kashmiris – Anand Krishna [2008]
Humanity’s Messiah – Mantoshe Devji [2009]
When Jesus Lived In India – Alan Jacobs [2009]
The Rozabal – Suzanne Olsson and Dr Fida Hassnain [2008]
The theory has also had a recent fictional book centering around the Tomb in Kashmir:

The Rozabal Line – Ashwin Sanghi / Shawn Haigins [2007]
This builds on a body of research and work done over the last 100-odd years. The pace at which new material is being produced on this subject since the year 2000 has been hugely interesting and exciting.

Not a ‘New Age’ Theory

It is important to realize, at the outset, that this subject is not the invention of the “New Age” movement. This site is devoted to presenting the hypothesis that Jesus Christ physically survived the crucifixion as an “ordinary” human being, then travelled eastwards to join Jewish tribes that had been scattered to the northern tier of Afghanistan and also Kashmir, Northern India.

The theory put forward on this website continues that after surviving the crucifixion, Jesus Christ arrived in Kashmir, where he took up residence for the remainder of his life. There he ministered to Israelite tribes of the area, continuing to preach. The Negaristan-i-Kashmir book allegedly says that he eventually married a woman named Maryan, who bore him children. He died at the ripe old age of 120 years. His tomb is located in the Mohala Kan Yar district of the capital city of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Northern India, and is called the Roza Bal (“The Site of the Honored Tomb”).

Throughout his travels, it is claimed, he assumed the name, Yuz Asaf (Yus Asaph), a name which, some believe, meant, “Jesus the Gatherer,” and he is buried in the Roza Bal under that name.

This site, and the information it contains, is not the property of any particular belief or ism or organization, nor is the idea of a post-crucifixion life of Jesus the invention of any one individual.

From St. Irenaeus (125 A.D. to 202 A.D.) all the way to scholar Dr. Fida Hassnain, there have been many people who have contributed information concerning the fact that Jesus was seen in “Asia” or India long after the crucifixion.

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