Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba, born on 23rd November 1926 is a spiritual guru from Southern of India, founder of an organization called Sathya Sai Organization. He is considered as being an avatar-divine incarnation- by his followers which are estimated to number several millions.

His organization has been responsible for various social and humanitarian projects including setting-up of schools, universities, a specialized Hospital in Putta Parthi and water distribution service in villages of India. In his message, he advocates priority of Bhakti yoga- of devotion expressed in thought, speech and deed as a mean to realize God. “Service to man is service to God” is the motto he defends in his message.

In his discourses, he teaches universality of all major religions. He says that he is not here to start a new religion, but to help the Hindu become a better Hindu, the Muslim a better Muslim, the Christian, a better Christian, etc

Every year, on 25th of December, on the occasion of Christmas celebration, he gives a public discourse on the life of Christ, his message and teachings. He has given us a new insight of Jesus’ life.    Please note that all his public discourses from 1953 up to today are available online: (

Sai Baba on Jesus

In the book entitled Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba by John Hislop, Sathya Sai Baba is reported as saying:

“Jesus realized that he was Christ in his 25th year. For eight years following his 16th birthbay, he travelled in India, Tibet, Iran and Russia. He was variously regarded as a beggar or as a sanyasi (Spiritual seeker)”

Although Sathya Sai Baba does not openly speak of Jesus’ survival from crucifixion in his public discourses, he is reported as having confirmed the fact to Peggy Mason and Ron Laing in one private interview, which is described in their book entitled Embodiment of Love. Please note that the author, Peggy Mason, had already written an article in April 1979 in the magazine Two Worlds entitled ‘Did Jesus die on the cross?’ In chapter 4 of this book, the following is described:

“Swami, there’s something I’ve wanted to know for a long time. Did the physical body of Jesus recover in the tomb? I mean, it wasn’t a materialized body of spirit- in the same way that Yogananda’s Master showed himself to him in fully materialized form three months after he had been buried?”

Swami replied, “No- the physical. No spirit materialized body. The physical.”

“Ah!” I said. “Then, did he journey to the East, continuing his mission to Kashmir?”

“Yes – and he also traveled to Calcutta, and Malaysia.”

“Then is it the body of Jesus which was buried in the Rozabal Shrine at Srinagar in Kashmir?”

Swami nodded, and said, ‘Yes’, so simply with such gentleness.

Basic teachings of Christ

“Christ’s basic teachings were related to promotion of compassion, sympathy, love, sacrifice and fellowship among human beings. Jesus was named the Christ as he was regarded as the “chosen” messenger of God. The growth of Christianity in the Middle Ages culminated as it were in its acquiring the status of a State religion under Emperor Constantine. With the growth of Christianity, schisms also developed in the religion. The growth of schisms often results in a decline in pirituality. As men develop worldly desires, religious faith declines. Men do not realise that the pursuit of physical pleasures is like the pursuit of a mirage to quench one’s thirst.”

(Discourse of Christmas 1991- here)

Universality of Jesus

“The Great Teachers belong to mankind. It is wrong to believe that Jesus belongs only to the Christians and that Christmas is a holy festival for the West only. To accept one of them as one’s own and discard the rest as belonging to others, is a sign of pettiness. Christ, Rama, Krishna— they are for all men everywhere.”

(Discourse of Christmas 1972- here)

The Name Isa

“Jesus was honoured by the populace as Christ, for they found in his thoughts, words and deeds, no trace of ego. He had no envy or hatred, and was full of love and charity, humility and sympathy. Jesus’ original name was Isa which, when repeated, is Sai. Isa and Sai, both mean Ishwara (God), the Eternal Absolute, the Sath-Chith-Aanandha (Being-Awareness-Bliss).”

(Discourse of Christmas 1978 –here)

Jesus is the way

“Resolve to practise all what Jesus taught .Two thousand years ago, when narrow pride and thick ignorance defiled mankind, Jesus came as the embodiment of Love and compassion and lived among men, holding forth the highest ideals of life. You must pay attention to the lessons he elaborated in the various stages of his life. ‘I am the Messenger of God,’ he declared, first. Yes. Each individual has to accept that role and live as examples of Divine Love and Charity. The guru must  act as the alarm-clock; he should awaken the sleeper to his duty to himself. ” Uththishtha! jaagratha, ” as the Upanishads proclaim—

“Arise! Awake.” And bear witness to the God within, in every thought, word and deed”
(Discourse of Christmas 1980- here)

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