Here you will find links to English, German, Spanish, Portugese and other websites that deal with the issue of Jesus in India. Some of the sites are extensive, others briefly mention the subject somewhere in the text.

It should not be assumed that any of the individuals or entities associated with the links presented below are either involved with or hold any opinion regarding this subject, one way or the other.

Jesus In India
(The Original 1889 Book) 

Jesus and Christianity

Legends of Jesus
(Dr. James W. Deardorff)

The Reluctant Messenger 

Jesus Lived In India – Holger Kersten

In Search of the Loving God” — evidence that Jesus Survived the Crucifixion – Mark Mason (1997)

Hermes Atar Trismegistus

Jesus Lived in India

Spinning Globe

Sue Olsson’s Website

Below is a list of foreign-language websites, 
afterwhich will follow a list of more English-language websites


La Vida Secreta de Jesús (The Secret Life of Jesus) 




The following links are links that appear within the text of our site. They are generally listed in the order in which you encounter them. (This list needs to be updated)

Shroud of Turin Website

Council for the Study of the Shroud of Turin

Dr. Thomas Sheehan

The Jesus Seminar

Bible Tutor

The Holy Bible

The Gospel of Thomas

The Holy Bible

Akbarally Meherally
(Anti-Substitution Theory)

Tree of Life Publications
(Unknown Life of Jesus Christ)

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

International Religions Directory Project
(Local Cult Group Information)

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Shema Israel Torah Network International Burial Society

Internet Infidels

Vedams Books International

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