Jesus Travel To India

Jesus Travel To India

Travelling to India in the 1st Century

Listen to Friar Jerome Murphy O’Connor explain how easy it was to travel to India in Jesus’s time, and the accepted links with Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus.

It is now an accepted fact that contact between India and civilizations as far away as 1200 miles to the west were established at least 2000 years before Jesus was born. In addition, well-established trading routes existed. As Holger Kersten says:

‘The oldest Indian seals found in Mesopotamia date from the time of Ur’s third dynasty (2047-1939 BC). A number of other objects including pearl necklaces, terracotta statues and other dice, probably also originating in the Indus valley, were found alongside the seals. Such finds certainly demonstrate unambiguously that regular trading contacts between the two cultures existed before the Isin-Larsa-Babylon period (around 2000 BC) at the time when the Harappa and Mohenjaro civilizations, which produced such seals, were flourishing (the first half of the third millennium)’.

[Holger Kersten, The Original Jesus: The Buddhist Sources of Christianity (Shaftesbury: Element Books Ltd., 1995), p. 248-249]

Possible Route of Jesus

ruta de Jesús hacia la India

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