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Editorial – Tomb of Jesus in India


EditorialPersonal Reflections on ‘Jesus in India’The Tomb of Jesus website attempts to present its material without religious or personal bias. The material is presented without necessarily explaining the religous implications or motivations for some of the research. The list of Jesus in India researchers and contributors covers the entire religious spectrum. All these people have been brought together on the common thread of ‘Jesus in India’ – but many have very different thoughts about it or draw very different conclusions from the research.Others, who are new to this material, often ask the question ‘So what? What difference would it make?’.To help address these areas we have created this new section which includes personal beliefs and opinions. It gives a context to the ideas discussed here and allows us to look at some of the personal way people related to the ‘Jesus in India’ theory.Below are a mixture of extracts from texts, interviews, panel discussions, and direct emails in response to our question ‘What does Jesus in India mean to you?’.

Articles Title

Mantoshe Devji – Epilogue

Ashwin Sanghi

Abubakr Salahuddin

Dr Fida Hassnain

Edward Martin