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Where did Jesus Die? – J.D Shams, Qadian India, 1945

The author was a prominent missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, and the book was completed during his term as Imam of the London Mosque in England.

The first portion reviews the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion, and some of the inconsistencies and contradictions in the New Testament account are discussed.

There is a short chapter on the Shroud of Turin, giving an account of a German study of the Shroud, that reached the conclusion that Jesus did not die on the cross based on the blood stain evidence.

In chapters 8 and 9, the author reviews the role of Paul in introducing many pagan elements in the original teachings of Jesus, and thus, creating a schism amongst the early followers of Jesus.

Following the overview of the anthropologic and historical evidence of the Israelites having domiciled in Afghanistan and Kashmir, the book describes the tomb of Jesus, giving references from books of history such as Ikmal-ud-din. 

Towards the end of the chapter on the tomb of Jesus, the author reviews the oral and written traditions and includes quotations from the custodians of the tomb, linking the name Yusu Asaf with Isa. Maulana J.D Shams goes on to quote such works as Tarikh-I-Azami (a history of Kashmir written about 200 hundred years ago) which states Yuzu Asaf was a Prophet of God who came to Kashmir from a foreign land.

Maulana Shams concludes that the tomb deserves more archeological investigation, as inscriptions or other documents may be discovered.

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