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Qabr-i-Masih – Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Qadian India, 1936

The author was a companion of Hazrat Ahmad, and served as missionary and teacher. He was proficient in Hebrew. His book, written in Urdu, is a detailed study of the death of Jesus in Kashmir and history of the tomb in Srinagar. He traveled to Kashmir in 1925 and completed his research in three years.

One of the outstanding features of the book is the evidence he has provided of old Hebrew inscriptions and old Israelite graves. Some eighteen archeological sites are described. In addition, to further bolster his claim that the people of Kashmir are indeed Israelite descendents, he has given an extensive list of Kashmiri words and their meanings, and the similarities to Hebrew expressions.

He has described the tomb of Yuz Asaf in one of the chapters and has summarized the Kashmiri traditions identifying the entombed person as Hazrat Isa (Jesus).

To our knowledge, the book, unfortunately, has never been translated in English, though the authors provided a transliteration in English of his extensive list of Hebrew and Kashmir words a few years ago (unpublished).

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