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f Jesus did not die upon the cross? A Study in Evidence – Judge E.B. Docker, London, 1920

The book is a critical examination of the Gospel testimony, written by a judge from Australia. Unfortunately, the book has never been reprinted, and is not widely available. Copies do exist in some of the larger academic libraries in the United Kingdom, such as Oxford University. 

After a review of the entire evidence, the author lends support to the view of the swoon theory and the eventual migration of Jesus from Palestine. The relevant portions are quoted below (can be found quoted in JD Shams’ book Where did Jesus Die?):

“I must note here the old legend which I have before referred to. A modern version of it was given in the periodical The East and West, some years ago. Briefly, it is to the effect that Jesus did not die on the cross, but recovered under treatment with a miraculous ointment being applied to his wounds, which healed in the space of forty days; that he journeyed to India to preach to the lost tribes of Israel, and eventually died in Kashmir, where a tomb is pointed out to this day as his”.

“Though I do not know of any evidence tending to establish the substantial truth of this account, I desire to point out there is nothing unreasonable or improbable about it. We are told from other sources that there are to the present day in Afghanistan and Bactria tribes of unmistakable Hebrew type. It is surprising to find the number of passages in the New Testament writings which if they do not corroborate the story, at least consonant with it. Is it unreasonable to suppose that Jesus, finding it unsafe to remain in Judea or Galilee longer than the forty days during which he is said to have instructed his disciples in the things concerning the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:3) should feel called to carry the message of the Kingdom to the lost sheep of the house of Israel?” 
(page 71)

He goes on to conclude: “”It may be that after preaching to the lost tribes of the House of Israel, in those remote regions Jesus died in Srinagar, and was buried at the tomb that now bears his name.” (page 77)

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