Jesus in India

Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

Publications Opposing The Jesus in India Theory

The Essene Odyssey- Hugh Schonfield 1984

A portion of the book is devoted to understanding the origin of the name “Yuzu Asaf” from Buddhist and Kashmiri sources. He concludes that the Jewish tomb in Srinagar is likely that of a great Essene teacher, the name being similar to “Joseph.” The figure of Yuzu Asaf came to be associated with Jesus and even the Buddha, due to religious influences over time.

Strange Tales about Jesus: A Survey of Unfamiliar Gospels – Per Beskow, Philadelphia, USA 1985

“The Ahmadiyya legend is generally supported by references to diverse Oriental sources, which are said to confirm the theory, but which in fact do not carry any weight at all.”
(Page 63)

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