Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

In Summary: The confusion arises because Allah said “…they did not crucify him..”  What is important to understand is  the word  means ‘to kill by crucifixion’.   The reason  Jews  put a person on the cross is  to kill him according to their custom.  They would not put a person on the cross and later  let him go away. So, the word  “crucify” has an inherent meaning of  killing by crucifixion.  Killing by crucifixion was their intent, and with this intent  they did put him on the cross,  however, they failed to kill him.

Please read an interesting site about substitution theory: Was Jesus Substituted on the Cross?

Many Muslims say verse 4:159 indicates Jesus(pbuh) will come back. If you think so, please read an interpretation of the verse 4:159: Interpretation of Verse 4:159.

What Happened to Jesus(pbuh) After

The Incidence of Crucifixion?

Evidences from the Bible and other authentic history tells us that Jesus(pbuh) was tried on the cross  when he was 32 years old. For the sake of debate, if Allah did not raise him alive and if he did not die on the cross, what happened to him thereafter?  Are there any evidence from the Quran?  Trust me, there are evidences.

In Surah Ale Imran, Allah says:

3:45 And he will speak to the people in the cradle and then of gray-haired age and (he will be) one of the righteous
5:110 … you speak to the people in the cradle and in old age…..
23:50 … We sheltered them in a plateau having meadows and springs.

Various commentators of the Quran do agree about the use of words ‘gray-haired age’ and ‘old age’.  However, they contend that old age refers to the time when he will descend from the sky.  As we  can see from this discussion,  Jesus(pbuh) was not raised alive in the Heaven and he is dead.  This gray hair age must have happened while he was still living during his time, some 2000 years ago.  Then Allah also tells us that Jesus(pbuh) was later on sheltered in a place full of meadows and springs. These verses supports other verses and  we can further ascertain that Jesus(pbuh) survived the incidence of crucifixion and lived up to old age.

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