Jesus Travel To India

kashmir vally from Space

Travelling to India in the 1st Century Listen to Friar Jerome Murphy O’Connor explain how easy it was to travel to India in Jesus’s time, and the accepted links with Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus. It is now an accepted fact that contact between India and civilizations as far away… Continue reading


In the last two hundred years there has been a new type of quest amongst the Christian scholars. Just as critical approaches were taken to studying documents of history this approach was extended to the Biblical text also. The mood and shift in emphasis is explained well by Thomas Sheehan… Continue reading

Jesus Christ

The Holy Bible For Christians it is the New Testament that represents the primary and most important part of the Bible. Christians view the coming of Jesus Christ as a fulfilment of the entire Old Testament and of all the prophets. He is believed to be the long-awaited Messiah who… Continue reading