Tarikh-i-Kabir Kashmir

The Tarikh-i-Kabir Kashmir was published at Suraj Prakash Press in Amritsar, Punjab in 1902.  On page 34 of Volume 1 of that work, Haji Mohiuddin says:

“Syed Nasir-uddin Khanyari is much revered for spending his life in piety and prayers.  He was buried in the famous shrine known as the Rozabal Tomb.  His grave is located towards the south of the holy grave of a prophet.  As such, the shrine is known as the Site of the Propheet.  Khawaja Azam Didmari writes that in the past a Prince, who absorbed himself in prayers and piety, attained the station of a Messenger [of God] and was sent to this land for guidance of the people.  His name was Yuzu Asaph.  After his death, he was buried here in Mohala Anzmar near Khanyar.

“Mulla Ahmad in his Asar-ul-Ikhyar has quoted that Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin deputed Syed Abdullah Bahaiqu as an Ambassador to Egypt and the Pharoah of Egypt deputed Yuzu Asaph who was the progeny of Moses as his ambassador.  The Shias believe that Yuzu Asaph descended from Hazrat Imam Jafar-i-Sadiq.  However in an Arabic manuscript, it is related the Prince came from Sholapit to Kashmir as a traveler and is buried in Anzmar, Khanyar, Srinagar.  But more older information is available that [a] sweet smell used to come from one of the holes of [the] sarcophagus.  A lady, who desecrated the tomb became mad.  Others believe that it is [the] tomb of a great Prophet who is no other than Hazrat Isa [Jesus], the Spirit of God.

(Haji Hohiuddin, Tarikh-i-Kabir Kashmir (Amritsar, Punjab: Suraj Prakash Press, 1902), Vol. 1, p. 34).

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