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Historical Sources

Qisa Shazada Yuz Asaf 1

The document comes from the the Khuda Baksh Library in Patna, India. Khuda Baksh, the person for whm the library was named, was a lover of books who collected thousands of manuscripts and books.The Qisa Shazada Yuzasaph wo hakim Balauhar (The Story of the Prince Yuzasaph and the Philosopher Balauhar) is another fascinating Urdu version of the Book of Balauhar and Budasaf that gives an account of the sojourn of Yuz Asaf in Kashmir.

Yus Asaf’s words are marked in red. Was he Jesus Christ?

“Departing from that town, he visited several other towns preaching to the people. At last he reached the capital city of Kashmir. Having settled there, he called all people towards the Kingdom of God. He stayed there in Kashmir till the last day of his life. At the moment [of his death] he called one of his disciples, who was known among the people by the name of Yabid. This disciple had served his master with much devotion and had obtained a high status in the spiritual succession. 

Now making his will, Yuzasaph said, ‘Now at this last moment my spirit is ready to fly towards the Holy One. It is necessary for all of you to follow the Commandments of God. None should go towards the untruth leaving the truth. All of you should adhere to the prayers and hold fast to the truth.’

After saying this, he breathed his last. Dear readers, much wisdom is contained in this story. Understand the hidden wisdom and follow moral and spiritual teachings so that desires for the material world are destroyed from your hearts.” 

– Qisa Shazada Yuzasaph wo hakim Balauhar, p. 131

Qisa Shazada