Mufti Decree

Decree of the Grand Mufti – The Seal Of The Justice Of Islam – Mulla Fazil – 1194 A.H.

In this High Court of Justice, in the Department of Learning and Piety of the Kingdom. 

Present: Rehman Khan, son of Amir Khan, submits that: the kings, the nobles, the ministers and the multitude come from all directions of the kingdom to pay their homage and offereings in cash and kind at the lofty and the holy shrine of Yuz-Asaph, the Prophet, may God bless him. 

Claims: That he is the only and absolute claimant, entitled to receive the offerings and utilize these, and none else has any right whatsoever on these offerings. 

Prays: That A writ of injunction be granted to all those who interfere and others be restrained from interfering with his rights.

Verdict Now: this court, after obtaining evidence, concludes as under: It has been established that during the reign of Raja Gopadatta, who got built many temples and got repaired, especially, the Throne of Solomon on the hill of Solomon, Yuz-Asaph came to the valley. Prince by descent, he was pious and saintly and had given up earthly pursuits. 

He spent all his time in prayers and meditation. The people of Kashmir, having become idolaters after the great flood of Noah, the God Almighty sent Yuz-Asaph as a Prophet to the people of Kashmir. He proclaimed oneness of God till he passed away. Yuz-Asaph was buried at Khanyar on the banks of the lake, and the shrine is known as Rozabal. In the year 871 A.H. Syed Nasir-ud-Din, a descendant of Imam Musa-Raza, was also buried besides the grave of Yuz-Asaph.

Orders – Since the shrine is visited by the devotees, both high and common, and since the applicant Rahman Khan is the hereditary custodian of the shrine. It is ordered that he be entitled to receive the offerings, made at the shrine as before, and no one else shall have any right to such offerings.

Signed off:
Given under our hand, 11th Jamad-ud-Sani, 1184 A.H., signed and sealed: Milla Fazil, Mohammad Azam, Hafiz Ahsan Ullah, Khizar Mohamad, Faquir Baba, Abdul Shakoor, Mohamad Akbar, Raza Akbar Atta

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