“Life of St Issa” Scroll

The Life of Saint Issa, the Best of the Sons of Men

This document is the most talked about document concerning the idea of Jesus traveling to India during his ‘missing years’. The document was brought to light in 1887 when Nicholas Notovitch came across it during a visit to the Hemis Monastery. He spent much time in Hemis, recovering from a broken leg, and had the whole St Issa document read to him and translated. Upon his return to Europe Notovitch went about publishing this information (read more here).

Witnesses to the Document

Since Notovitch saw the scrolls many others have seen the same document:

Where is the St Issa Scroll Now?

There have been recent attempts to track down this scroll. In both Jesus in the Himalayas (discovery channel) and Jesus in India (Universal) there have been journies to Hemis to try and track down these scrolls.

In Jesus in India we are told that many documents are locked up and awaiting the return of the head lama to continue the translation work.

Have you seen the St Issa Scroll?

We are looking for accounts and testimonies from others who have been to Hemis. Get in touch with us and let us know if you have seen this scrollhere

Full Text of The St Issa Scroll

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