Jesus in India

Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

Rauzabal and other Mysteries of Kashmir – Mohammad Yasin, published in Srinagar, Kashmir, 1972

The author of the monograph is a lawyer and former research associate at the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In the preface he makes clear he is not presenting new facts or references from ancient historical works, but only presenting them in a more “scientific and logical manner” and staying away from religious controversy. He is not from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, though he fully acknowledges that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote the original treatise on the subject and brought to the world this truth. The book is written in point form, and is rather brief.

Christ in Kashmir – Aziz Kashmiri, published in Srinagar, Kashmir, 1973

The author was an editor of an Urdu weekly magazine Roshni in Srinagar and has previously written Urdu books on the subject entitled Hazrat Isa aur Isayat and Masih Kashmir Mein. He is also not from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. After reviewing the very name Kashmir, and pointing to its Israelite origin, he discusses the evidence linking the people of Kashmir to the Lost Tribes of Israel, based on physical features, customs, and traditions. He has also given a list of Kashmiri words and compared them to the Hebrew terminology. In the written traditions of Yuzu Asaf in Kashmir he has quoted the same documents as previous scholars.

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