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Jesus in Rome – Robert Graves and Joshua Podro, London, 1957

The book is actually a sequel to an earlier work entitled Nazarene Gospel Restored published a few years earlier by the same authors. Robert Graves was a novelist and playwright, and Joshua Podro a rabbi. In that earlier book, the authors opine that once one removes the fictitious elements from the Gospels, which were introduced much later, the essential conclusion that emerged is much different. His disciples saw Jesus after the crucifixion alive, and thus he did not die in the first instance.

In Jesus in Rome, the authors conclude that Jesus must have renewed his missionary activity elsewhere after surviving the crucifixion. The authors contend that Jesus collapsed into a coma on the cross, and was revived by certain disciples. They quote Bishop Ignatius (died 110 A.D) as stating that Jesus was still alive ‘in the flesh’ some twenty years after the crucifixion. This remarkable quotation from Ignatius is found in his ‘Letter to the Smyrneans’.

In Chapter five of Jesus in Rome, entitled ‘The Tomb of Jesus’ they state that the tradition of the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir, is “the only extant legend with any historical plausibility that brings the post-crucifixion story of Jesus to a simple and natural end (page 68).” 

The authors summarize the above-mentioned work (Jesus in Heaven on Earth) and quote extensively from it.

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