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The Christian Conspiracy – Joseph Macchio, USA, 1999

The book by J. Macchio is an “e-book” or electronic book, and not available on paper. It is accessed through the site Like the previous work by Mason mentioned above, this particular book, by a Christian, is a Christian introspection of sorts.

The purpose of writing this book is to outline and chronicle the replacement of what he calls the “original Christianity” by man-made creeds and dogmas. He asserts there was far more diversity of Christian beliefs, including different views as to the nature of Jesus, the resurrection, and his whereabouts after the incident of the Cross. However such views were suppressed and almost crushed by a certain faction of Christianity that ultimately became the orthodox movement. Destruction of gospels and other works by an arbitrary and edited canon of four ensued and continued unabated for centuries.

Beneath the dogma and theology, the author maintains the original Jesus of history exists and can be traced. Certain clues can be ascertained from apocryphal and patristic literature. For instance, the author writes that the dogma of the Ascension of Jesus forty days after the resurrection became official Church doctrine, though the reality is that there are a number of traditions indicating that Jesus was on earth at a time when he was supposed to be in heaven. For instance the gospel entitled Pistis Sophia from the 3rd century A.D mentions that Jesus spent eleven years with his disciples preaching after the crucifixion. Moreover the Church Fathers Ireneus and Ignatius both believed Jesus was still on earth decades after the crucifixion.

J. Macchio traces the path of Jesus to India, relying and quoting from Kersten’s book Jesus Lived in India. About the Kashmir tomb Macchio writes:

“the very fact that Jesus, tomb is visited by Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists as well as Christians, shows us that Jesus is revered in the East as a universal prophet and teacher whose doctrines are considered applicable within the context of several religions.”

Like many of other authors, Macchio is of the opinion that Jesus also traveled to India as a youth, and learned eastern mysticism, Hindu philosophy and other spiritual concepts. As mentioned before, the identification of Jesus as an eastern man, who brought Hindu and Buddhist concepts into Palestine and later returned to that mystical place called India, is gaining popularity among Western writers, especially among the New Age circles. 

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