Jesus in India

Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

From Palestine to Kashmir – P. Choudhury, New Delhi, India, 1996

The author of From Palestine to Kashmir dedicates his book to “Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Brotherhood.” The first few chapters discuss his view that India is the land of the Bible starting with the garden in Genesis, and ending with Jesus preaching in India, where he died. According to the author, this is one of the reasons that Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity have so much in common – a common spiritual heritage of India.

Unfortunately, rather than working on the thesis himself, and undertaking meaningful research on the subject, he has reproduced word for word entire pages from Imam Shams work mentioned above, entitled Where did Jesus Die? He does not even mention Shams’ book in the references given at the end of the book, and in no way gives any indication that he has lifted words from another source!

He concludes that Jesus died in Kashmir, which he states is the Land of the Bible.

In Search of the Loving God – Mark Mason, Oregon, USA 1997

Mark Mason is a Christian whose purpose of writing this book is for ‘resolving past traumas of Christianity and bringing to light its healing spirit’ It is meant to be a self-reflection on how Christianity can improve and be more relevant and appealing to people. He exposes the medieval church as being power-hungry and guilty of atrocities.

In Chapter 4 entitled “The Mystery-Shrouded Life of Jesus” he reviews the evidence that Jesus may have spent the so-called “lost years”, his formative years, in India. Furthermore, quoting mainly from Holger Kersten, he pieces together the post-crucifixion life of Jesus, including a description of the tomb in Srinagar, Kashmir. He includes a reference of an early Church Father, Ireneus of the second century, who wrote that Jesus lived to be an old man and remained, in Asia, with his disciple John, up until the time of Emperor Trajan, whose rule began in 98 A.D.

His final appraisal of the historical data is interesting. What if Jesus did die a natural death in Kashmir? 

He states:

“My own belief is that this should not adversely affect Christian faith. Whether Jesus actually physically died on the cross is a minor point. The important thing is that he suffered for the sins of all, and indeed, if he didn’t physically die he would have suffered much more (have died a worse �?death’) due to the pain of recovering, than he would have if he had just quickly died and been miraculously raised to life.” He finally concludes: “Jesus may have visited India and may have even returned there after the crucifixion.”

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