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Christianity a Journey from Facts to Fiction – Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Tilford, Surrey, UK, 1996

This book is an excellent summary of Ahmadiyya Muslim beliefs. He explores the theological issues of Divinity, Trinity and Atonement and its relation to reason and offers possible explanations as to the origins of such doctrines.

The Ascension of Jesus to Heaven, according the Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, is a later interpolation in the Gospel texts. In the first place, the Gospels of Matthew and John do not mention it. Certain versions of Mark and Luke mentioned the Ascension; however since the discovery of Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest known version of the Bible) it is clear these are later additions by scribes. Codex Sinaiticus makes no mention of the Ascension in any of the Gospels.

The author writes that Ahmadi Muslims are often criticized for holding the belief that Jesus left Palestine and went all the way to India, finding it “far-fetched”.

However he replies:

“Ahmadis are left wondering as to which distance is longer, the one from Palestine to Kashmir or the one from the earth to the farthest reaches of heaven. Again Ahmadis wonder happened to the promise of Jesus Christ that he would go in search of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. If he departed straight from Palestine to sit on the right hand of his father, did he forget about his commitment or was his promise impossible for him to keep? It is either this, or as we suggested earlier, should it be expected that the Lost Sheep of Israel had earlier ascended to heaven where Jesus went in their pursuit?” (Page 97-8).

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