Jesus in India

Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

The Fifth Gospel – Fida Hassnain and Dahan Levi, Srinagar, Kashmir, 1988

Without doubt, Professor Fida Hassnain is currently the leading authority on the historical study of Jesus in India. He was the Director of the Kashmir State Archives and Director of Archaeological Research and Museums, Kashmir. He retired in 1983. 

He has extensively studied the tomb of Yuz Asaf- as much as the current custodians would allow. A transcription of his speech for the London Conference in 1978, mentioned above, was included in the book Truth about the Crucifixion and entitled “Tomb of Yuz-Asaph.” 

The Professor dedicated The Fifth Gospel to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Nicolas Notovitch and Pandit Sutta (author of Bhavishya maha purana) for “opening new vistas of research into the hidden life of Jesus Christ.” The aim of the book according to the authors was to inform the West that the East has significant source material on the life of Jesus in India.

Following a review of the evidence that Jesus survived the crucifixion, Professor Hassnain discusses the ancient literature of Kashmir, which according to him, confirm that Jesus found Israelites there.

Another book by Professor Hassnain entitled A Search for the Historical Jesus (see below) describes in greater detail and clarity his investigation of the tomb of Yuz Asaf and review of the historical documentation (see below).

Jesus and Moses are Buried in India – Gene Matlock, USA, 1991

The new edition with additional material will be available within a year (personal communication with the author) Gene D.Matlock’s book is now available. His book can be order through our Books page. It was published in 2000. A review of the book will appear some time in the future.

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