Jesus in India

Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India – David Childress, Illinois, USA 1985

The author of the book describes his journey to Kashmir and Western Tibet in Chapter 15, starting his Chapter with a quote from the Quran:

‘And they killed him not, nor did they cause his death on the cross (4:157).’ 

After reviewing the events of the Crucifixion as related in the New Testament, he concludes that there is a possibility that Jesus survived the crucifixion.

Next, he takes the reader on his personal journey to the tomb of Jesus. He quotes Kashmiri traditions, which relate that Jesus, also known has Yuz Asaf, lived in the valley two thousand years ago. 

After the visit to the tomb, and describing its interior, he writes in conclusion:

“I reflected on this extra-ordinary experience. I did not know if that really was the tomb of Jesus, and probably never would, unless some new evidence came to light….I was grateful to have stalked one of the world’s great teachers and travelers of the world. In fact Jesus is know in the Koran and to Islamic scholars as the Great Traveller and Chief of Travellers!”

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