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Older Book Reviews (1899 – 1999)

Jesus died in Kashmir – Andreas Faber-Kaiser, published in London, 1977

The book by Andreas Faber-Kaiser represents the most detailed treatment on the subject by a Western scholar. He mounted a personal information gathering expedition to Kashmir. He is a scholar of comparative religion and an accomplished journalist. 

The 1977 publication is an English translation of the original Spanish version published a year earlier. The book has been translated into other languages subsequently. 

In his book he describes a group of people living in Kashmir today who style themselves “Bani Israel.” The travel of Jesus and his death and tomb in Kashmir are discussed. Ample photographs are given. Faber-Kaiser goes on to write that the local inhabitants call it the tomb of Hazrat Yuz Asaf, Nabi Sahib, Shahzada Nabi, or Hazrat Isa Sahib. He also mentions a family he met who claim to be descendents of Jesus, and one member of the family, possesses a genealogical table that traces ancestry to Jesus.

Faber-Kaiser states that his research gives credence to the Ahmadiyya view of the post crucifixion life of Jesus, however, he stresses his work should not be considered an Ahmadiyya tract and does not owe its origins to any sect or denomination.

Faber-Kaiser was one of the speakers at the 1978 London Conference, mentioned next.

Truth about the Crucifixion – published by the London Mosque, London, 1978

The book Truth about the Crucifixion is a collection of transcripts from the International Conference on the Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross held in London in 1978. 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organized the event. The international panel of speakers included (title of speech in brackets): Muhammad Zafrullah Khan (Jesus Prophet or God); MM Ahmad (Lost Tribes of Israel); A. Faber Kaiser (He did not die on the Cross); Fida Hassnain (Tomb of Yuz Asaf); B.A Rafiq (Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross: Biblical Evidence); A. Madsen (Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross: Quranic and Islamic Evidence); R. Skolfield (Some observations on the life of Jesus); Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Jesus Travels to India and Kashmir); Kurt Berna (The International Foundation for the Holy Shroud); L. Filip (New Viewpoints on Jesus’s Activity Beyond Palestine).

Also included in the text is the speech of Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the time.

Truth about the Crucifixion perhaps represents the best overall summary of important research done to date, all in one volume.

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