Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

The most correct meaning of the word “wafat”  is death.  Wherever in the Holy Quran the word “wafat” is used, all these translators derived the meaning as death, except in this verse 3:54, where  they don’t see “wafat”  as death!!!!  What is the problem here? Why are they contradicting the meaning of ‘wafat’? What stops them from translating the words of Allah in its true context?  They are seeing imaginary words only to support heresy they learned during their childhood.

Here are some of the verses in the Holy Quran where Allah used the word “wafat”.  The verses are 2:234, 2:240, 3:193, 4:15, 4:97, 6:61, 7:37, 7:126, 8:50, 10:46, 10:104, 12:101, 13:40, 16:28, 16:32, 16:70, 39:42, 40:67, 40:77, 47:27 etc.  In  each of the instances, all these scholars translated the word “wafat” as death, or a word very close to death but none of them used a word to mean take away in alive condition.  Let us examine some of the verses and see how these translators derived the meaning of “wafat”  in these instances.

Verse 3:193

Yusuf Ali: “…and take to Thyself our souls in the company of the righteous”
Pickthall: “…and make us die the death of the righteous.”
Khalifa: “…..let us die as righteous believers”
Sarwar: “…let us die with the righteous ones.”
Shakir: “….and make us die with the righteous.”
Hilali & Khan: “……and make us die in the state of righteousness….”
Farooq Malik: “…And make us die with the righteous.”
Ahmed Ali: “…And grant us (the glory of) death with the just.”

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