Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

Farooq Malik: Strong denial to use ‘death’ as the meaning – instead there is obvious suggestion that Jesus’s mission is temporarily stopped, to be resumed in future! Far too many unwarranted words to justify his conditioned faith learned during childhood or in heresy. Use of ‘recall from your mission’ is nothing but clear suggestion that death did not occur. Rating *

Ahmed Ali: Utter confusion and awkward denial to use the word ‘death’. Ali admits that Jesus will be exalted in status, but confused about what happened prior to exaltation. First Jesus will be taken to Allah and then exalted. Ali failed miserably in translating the sentence as presented by Allah. Rating *

From this analysis we  can see how these scholars have changed the words of Allah according to their own will and to support what they learned during their childhood and now they are conditioned to think that way. Some have mistaken the correct use of verbs(Pickthall, Khalifa).  Some have omitted key words  and interpolated fabricated  words (Pickthall, Sarwar, Malik)   and passed it over as Allah’s word! To derive a remote synonym for a word is one thing (Yusuf Ali, Shakir, Al-Hilali & M. Khan. Malik) but to fabricate additional words and omit key words are gross act of negligence and corruption.

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