Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

In reaching my conclusion I laid down few cardinal rules to follow.  Let me see if you can follow the same rules with me:

I believe in Total Quran –  its entire message and teaching.
I believe no verse in the Quran contradicts each other and there is no abrogation of verse(s). My understanding of the Quran will not attempt to contradict its message and teaching.
I will not twist the meaning of verse(s) to reach a conclusion.  Wherever possible, I will analyze and critique both  schools of thoughts and show various possibilities of the subject.

We Muslims believe various matter mentioned in the Bible.  We came to know of Adam, Jesus, Noah, Joseph, Moses and so many other prophets from the Bible. We believe in them because we find their reference in the Holy Quran.   Believing in any of these prophets do not necessarily make us Christians.  We came to know about creation of Adam from the Bible. We believe in it because we find similar reference in the Holy Quran also. Believing in creation of Adam did not make us Christian.  Similarly, it may appear that only Qadianis believe that Jesus(pbuh) is dead. If we find proof of his death from the Holy Quran, we must believe it.  Believing in Jesus’(pbuh) death would not make us Qadiani just as believing in creation of Adam did not make us Christian.

Another argument for not believing in death of Jesus(pbuh) is that most Muslims all over the world believe that he is alive in Heaven. Can they be wrong? Just because an opinion is widely accepted by the mass does not validate its authenticity.  Billions of Christians believe Jesus is Son of God, so the concept must be correct, right? Wrong. Billions of Hindus and Buddhist believe in their respective religion to be correct, that does not make their religion correct or perfect.  Again we know Hindus and Buddhist are wrong. Thus if a notion is upheld by popular opinion, such notion need not become absolute truth.

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