Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

Conflicting Hadith:
Many readers responded back with several Hadith narrating Jesus(pbuh) will come back and do something.  The readers are unable to discard those Hadith or justify their validity.
If we take the literal meaning then these Hadith  fails to satisfy the common sense.  However, most of these Hadith may be interpreted in allegorical sense and not in their literal sense.

A few absurdities are: Jesus will fight with a sword (in 21st century or later! Come on, give me a break.); Jesus will land on the Minaret (why not on the ground);  Jesus will kill  a swine and break a cross (what purpose will it serve, or does it mean one swine and one cross is standing in the way of Islam? Or will he kill all the swine in the world and break all the crosses, a formidable job indeed.); Jesus will end the jijya (where is jijya practiced today, is it in Syria? Then why not stop it before his advent, so that his mission will be easier. Does it mean he will confine his mission only to Syria? What about the fiscal policies of the rest of the countries, will he interfere with them?).
 The Dajjal is viewed by many as an individual.  Jesus is supposed to kill the Dajjal.  The attributes of Dajjal-the individual fail to satisfy any reasoning.  Quran is not very clear about Dajjal (Gog and Magog).  Dajjal will be faster than cloud, he will command barren land to grow vegetables, on his command milch animals will produce abundant milk,  he will occupy most peoples house,  he will command the sky and rain would fall, his followers will live in abundance etc. statements are probably NOT referring to an individual, rather a government, a superpower or may be a system.  It could very well be America.   Please recollect all the attributes of Dajjal  and see if you can find likeness with what is happening in America and what the government practices there.  Many scholars indicated similar notion. They think Dajjal would not be a singular individual, rather a superpower government or country.   I leave this debate up to you.

The purpose of the website is not to discuss the Dajjal rather drive home this point that Jesus(pbuh) is dead.

Jazakumullahu Khayran

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