Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

The Great Dilemma

I know in spite of all the discussion, it is extremely difficult for you  to come out and accept the truth.  Deep inside something is prohibiting you from accepting the logical discussion.  Many of you will say  all these are wrong interpretation.  Your mind will prompt you to say these are falsification of the teaching of the Quran. Please read again and tell me which part is false, where did I misguide you, where is the forgery. There is no forgery.

That is why I requested you to have a hard copy of the page handy so that you can go back again and again to check each analysis. There are other sites mentioned at the bottom of the screen, please read those topics too.

Please think about it:  If you do not believe that Jesus(pbuh) is dead, then you must come up with concrete evidences from the Quran and only from the Quran.  You must conclusively reconcile all the verses that I mentioned in my discussion.   Please don’t say such and such scholar told that he is alive!!!! Please don’t say such and such book  clearly tells that he is alive!!!!  Please don’t say such and such Fatwa testifies that Jesus(pbuh) is alive!!!!  To validate the words of these scholars, are you going to shatter the words of Allah?   Please don’t give greater value to a man-made book over that of divine scripture.

Please have courage to accept the truth.  It has nothing to do with Qadianism.  You are not converting in to Qadiani faith.  This is not a Qadiani propaganda.

Last of all,  what about the prophecy that Jesus(pbuh) will come back to the earth in the later days and revive Islam?  After the above discussion, we can conclude that a dead person can not come back no matter what. This is against the principle of Islam. The Original Jesus(pbuh) – the prophet can not and will not come back in the later days. Period. However, in fulfillment of various prophecies, it is possible for another person to come Jesus’s spirit and do something for Islam.  This is outside the scope of current debate.

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