Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

Yet Another Proof

There is one verse in the Quran where Jesus(pbuh) summarizes his relationship with his people.

The verse is from Surah Ma’idah  5:116-117.

5:116 And behold! Allah will say: ‘O Isa,  son of Maryam was it you who said to the people (– the Christians, especially the Roman Catholic)  “Take me and my mother for two deities besides Allah?” He will say: “Glory to be to You! It is not fit for me to say what is not right for me (to utter). If I had said that, You would then have known it indeed. You know what is in my mind, while I do not know what is in Your mind.  Surely you are the great Knower of hidden matter
5:117 “I did not say to them anything except about what You had ordered me, namely, “serve Allah, my Rabb and your Rabb” and I was witness over them so long as I was with them, but when you caused me to die (wafat),  You were Watcher over them. And You are a Witness over all things

This is another definite evidence of death of Jesus(pbuh). On the Day of Judgment Allah will question Jesus(pbuh) whether he taught his people to take him as a god.  Jesus(pbuh) will reply that he did not teach so, and he bears witness  that during his lifetime his people did not take him and his mother as gods besides Allah, but he does not know what they did after his death.

We all know that  Christians do regard Jesus as Son of God and  Mary as a goddess.  If Jesus(pbuh) is alive, this should not have happened.  How to reconcile this verse?  According to the verse, the Christians were supposed to take Jesus and his mother as deities only after his death (wafat)!! And his death is yet to happen!!!!   The answer is if  this has to happen, then according to the verse Jesus(pbuh) must have died.  It is only after his death people accepted him and his mother as god and goddess.

The key word here is ‘wafat’ – death.   Falamma tawaffai tani  – that is, ‘but when you caused me to die.’   Those who don’t want to believe in the message, translate it saying that ‘when you took me away’  thereby suggesting that when he was raised alive.  Thus when Jesus(pbuh) was not with them physically, they started accepting him and his mother as god and goddess.

This is yet another instance where the meaning of ‘wafat’ is not taken in its true context.  We already discussed above that  the scholars and translators of the Quran  interpreted the meaning  of the word ‘wafat’ as death but in one or two instances they twist the meaning  and suggest physical ascension. [See: Interpretation of the word ‘wafat’.]

Did Allah Say Jesus(pbuh) Will Come Down?

Based on two different verses you believe Jesus(pbuh) was raised bodily in Heaven. If that is so, he has to come down one day. At least you believe he will come down one day.  Please show me just one verse where Allah said He will send him back. The verse should be at least as clear and precise as the those where Allah said Jesus(pbuh) will be raised. If you find one, please e-mail me back. If you think verse 4:159 is THE verse about his Second Coming, please read the following site by the same author:

Interpretation of Verse 4:159 .

There is absolutely no verse in the entire Quran where directly or indirectly Allah said anything about Jesus(pbuh) coming back later days. Since Allah did not say anything about Jesus(pbuh) coming back, where and how did you come up with the story?

Your contention is that Allah specifically said Jesus(pbuh) was raised alive in the Heaven! My argument is in that case Allah must specifically tell us when and where Jesus(pbuh) will come down. Allah can not just leave the matter unanswered. It is a serious matter. Allah can not leave such an important and serious matter to be answered outside of the Quran by a Hadith or Christian commentary or an Islamic Fatwa.

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