Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

I am trying to show you plenty of  evidences from the Quran to prove that Jesus(pbuh) is not alive —  he is dead and that he was not raised alive in the Heaven.  Unfortunately this may sound so much like a Qadiani propaganda.  However, it is not a Qadiani propaganda and the author of this text is not a Qadiani.  It is true that it was the Qadianis who for the first time proclaimed that Jesus(pbuh) is not alive in the Heaven, rather  he died a natural death.   Because originally it was a Qadiani thought,  believing in this judgment seems like you are believing everything that the Qadianis proclaim.  Then you fall prey to the curse that you are no more a true Muslim!   So you play safe and reject any and all opinions propounded by the Qadianis.

Since the content of this discussion is vast, I recommend you save the file in a disk, or have a copy printed at this time. A hard copy will be more convenient in analyzing the issues and establishing your points for and against the debate.

I will show you how it is possible for traditional Muslims like you and I to believe in his death yet not be a Qadiani or Ahmadiya.   I urge the readers to have an open mind and read through the critique. 

For ease of argument, before I unfold my points, I want to declare the following:

That I believe there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad(pbuh) is His Rasul.
That I believe Muhammad(pbuh) is the Last and the Final Nabi. No Nabi can come after him.  Period.

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