Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

In the verse 5:75, we know that all Rasuls before Jesus(pbuh) died, but right now based on this verse alone  we are not sure about him. Then in verse 3:143, we further come to know that all Rasuls before Muhammad(pbuh) passed away.  We already concluded ‘passed away’ in the verse 5:75 meant ‘death’. In this verse, the meaning of ‘passed away’ is very clearly given by Allah as (a) he dies, (b) be killed.  So by ‘passing away’ Allah meant death and killing and nothing else. Thus we can conclude that the use of the same word in verse 3:143 can not mean anything different other than death. If Jesus(pbuh) was an exception and did not pass away, Allah surely would have mentioned it. It is not a small exception by any means.

These two verses are so convincing and unambiguous that there should not be any doubt about his death! But alas! Muslim people have tremendous hesitation in accepting the words of Allah!  The verse conclusively proves that Jesus(pbuh) who arrived more than 600 years earlier to Muhammad(pbuh) has definitely passed away.

Remember, if you don’t believe the teaching of the verses, you are not believing the total Quran.  When the verse 3:143 was revealed, if the Muslims had any knowledge that Jesus(pbuh) was still alive, they would have raised a question.

Much later, when Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) actually died, it was hard for Muslims to accept the sad news. Thinking that it was conspiracy of the rumormongers, Hazrat Umar (r)  drew his sword and declared that whosoever would say that Muhammad(pbuh) was dead, he will behead him.  At this critical situation, Hazrat Abu Bakar arrived, seeing the critical situation, he went into the hut of the Prophet and ascertained the truth. Then he came out and recited the same verse from Surah Ale Imran 3:143 and further declared that whosoever wants to worship Muhammad, let him know that he is dead, and whosoever wants to worship Allah, let him know that Allah is all abiding.

This incidence conclusively proves that all the companions of the Prophet and Caliphs knew that all Rasuls before Muhammad(pbuh) had died.  If the companions believed that Jesus(pbuh) was still alive, then at least someone would have raised a point here.

If this is not enough, let us explore more verses.  From verse 5:75 above, we already know that “the Messiah, son of Maryam was none but a Rasul…”. Let us see what Allah tells about Rasuls in general.

In Surah Al-Anbiya’  verse 21:7-8, Allah declares:

21:7 We did not send before you (O Muhammad(pbuh)) any but man to whom We sent revelations; therefore you ask the followers of the Reminder if you do not know
21:8 And We did not give them bodies not taking food and neither are they abiding

Among other things, the important findings from these verses are:
(1)     All Rasuls were human beings
(2)     Their mortal bodies sustained on food
(3)     They are all dead

The Quran categorically tells that all prophets were human being, they were not superhuman or god. Because they were human beings, whatever is natural to a human being has to apply to them as well. All human being eat food for sustenance, so also all Rasuls were dependent on food for sustenance of their physical bodies.

25:20 And We did not send before you any the Rasuls, but they surely ate food and walked through the street.

Whatever applies to human being has to apply to Rasuls also. Emphasis on such mundane thing like eating food and walking on street suggest that there is nothing extraordinary in their lives. They are just like any other human being.  This is true about their life and death.  Once again, I must reiterate that if you don’t believe in the death of Jesus(pbuh) you are putting all these verses to contradict each other.  Not only that, you are believing only part of the Quran that suits you and rejecting other part that does not fit your notions and Christian dogma.

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