Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

Is Jesus(pbuh) Alive?

All traditional Muslims join the Christians and declare that Jesus(pbuh) is alive in Heaven. Muslims say that Allah raised Jesus alive and placed him beside Himself.  If that is true, then today, his age is nearly 2,000 years!!! How is it possible for a man to live that long ? A Muslim will say, why not, if Allah wishes, He can do anything. No doubt about it, yes, Allah is the Almighty, and He has the capability to do anything.  But the question is will Allah do this? Will Allah break the rule of nature?  Will Allah break the same rule that He has set forth? Let us  investigate this issue here:

67:3 Who has created the seven  heavens in harmony. You can not see in the creation of the Rahman any inconsistency. Then turn again the gaze. Do you see any crack?
67:4 And then turn again the search once more, the eyesight will return to you  defeated, while it is fatigued.

There are several other verses where Allah says there is no change in the course of Allah, that there is uniformity in the law of nature.

17:77 … And you will not find any change in Our course.
30:30 … there is no altering in the creation of Allah
33:62 … and you will not find any alteration in the course of Allah.
35:43 … But you will never find any change in the course of Allah and you will never find any shifting in the course of Allah.
48:23  the law of Allah which has been in operation  from before, and you will never find any change in the course of Allah.

Which law of Allah has been in operation since before? Is it just the law of earth moving around the sun and movement of the planets and nothing more? What would you say about the law of birth, senescence and death?  Don’t you agree that even birth and death are laws of Allah? That flower bloom, wind blows, day and night happen, sunrise and sunset—everything is in accordance to the law of Allah.  Then Allah testifies you will never find any change in the course of Allah.  Had there been a change, don’t you think Allah would have specifically told us so?

If Jesus(pbuh) is alive in the Heaven, his age today is more than 2000 years!! How can he live that long defying rules and laws set forth by Allah?  Are we not making words of  Allah contradict when we say in case of Jesus(pbuh) Allah changed his law and made him live that long?  This brings us to the next question:  can a person live that long? Let us see what Allah has to say about it.

16:70 And Allah creates you, then He causes you to die; and among you someone is caused to return to the worst of the age, resulting in his not knowing anything after knowledge. Allah is truly all Knowing, most Capable.
22:5 … And of you is one who is caused to die, and among you is one who is turned back to the worst part of  life  until he does not know anything after having
36:68 And  whomsoever We lengthen  life, We reverse him in constitution

These verses tell us that whoever lives too long, Allah returns them as crippled and not knowing anything after knowledge. This is more like a cycle of life. Birth –> Infancy –> Childhood –> Adulthood –> Old age. At very old age, a person reverts to a state much like infancy, depending on assistance for almost every daily routine: eating, bath, walking, toilet etc. As if Allah reverts the person in constitution (36:68) and makes him another infant.  Like an infant, at this time he does not remember things and has no knowledge of events around him.

In this context,  if Jesus(pbuh) is  allowed to live that long, by now he is so crippled and in the worst part of life that there is no use of him to come back and do anything for Islam.  In fact he cannot do anything worthwhile at that age.

Thus you can see, when a Muslim denies the death of Jesus(pbuh) he is putting so many verses of the Quran to contradict each other. Most Muslims don’t realize that they are putting one verse to contradict another. When it is pointed out to them, they get so alarmed that now they try desperately to justify themselves. They successfully justify themselves, however, in the process first they invent several ridiculous stories, then they mutilate the translation to gain support for these stories and then they approach the Quran like hypocrites –  believe part of it and reject part of it.   They interpolate new words in translation as if these were Allah’s words and refrain from correctly translating a particular word. The Quran cannot support the stories they invent. Rather these rambling stories contradict the Quran again and again.  It is sad that  Muslims don’t want to believe in  the total Quran.

Proof of Death of Jesus(pbuh)  

There are several convincing proofs in the Quran regarding death of all living being and particularly all Rasuls. Most Muslim don’t like to pay attention to this for various reasons, mainly due to fear of being caught in double jeopardy regarding Jesus(pbuh) death.  If one does not believe in these verses and teachings, then he is in a way  rejecting part of the scripture and believing in those parts that suits him. Like a hypocrite.

Let us begin with the verse from Surah Ma’idah where Allah says as under:

The Messiah, son of Maryam, was none but a Rasul, surely the Rasuls have passed away before him. And his mother was a truthful woman and they both used to take food…

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