Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

If we leave aside the stories and concentrate on understanding the verse we will see a different perspective.  In the verse 4:157 please notice carefully,  WA lakin subbiha lahum   means “He was made to resemble to them” or “it was made to resemble to them” or “a likeness of that was made for them”  or “a similitude was made for them”  — not “someone was made to resemble him”.  In the sentences, “it”  or “that”  refers to the incident and not a person.  So Jehova resembling Jesus(pbuh) can not arise. It was Jesus(pbuh) who was made to “resemble” to them. Resemble to the very issue in question here: likeness or similitude of death. The issue is not Jesus(pbuh) resembling a different person or a different person resembling Jesus(pbuh). Jesus(pbuh) was set up on the cross and he was made (by Allah) to resemble to them (as if he really died) by sending him to a comatose or fainted state.

The Jews took a fainted or comatose Jesus(pbuh) as dead. “Verily those who differ regarding him are certainly in a doubt about him.” The word “differ” here refers to the those people who, at that time and later on refuse the clarification given by Allah that “…. They could not murder him nor could they crucify him….”. It is also possible that they would differ with their original contention that “Surely we have killed the Masih – ‘Isa son of Maryam”. Question remains, why should there be confusion if they really, positively and absolutely killed Jesus(pbuh) by crucifixion? Remains of his body should have been somewhere in Jerusalem to prove their contention. However, based on the clarification given by Allah, based on the fact that he lived till he had gray hairs (3:45, 5:40 – discussed next), based on various happenings after the incidence of crucifixion and in absence of any proof of his tomb in Jerusalem, they were in doubt whether these people really killed Jesus(pbuh) or not. This confusion among “those” people came up because after the incidence of crucifixion, they may have heard about Jesus(pbuh) talking, walking and mixing with his disciples (openly or secretly).

If they really killed Jehova taking him to be Jesus(pbuh), then his mortal remains or tomb should have been somewhere in Jerusalem. This tomb should have come to be recognized as the tomb of Jesus(pbuh). In reality there is no tomb in Jerusalem that was ever identified or can be identified (correctly or otherwise) as the tomb of Jesus(pbuh).

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