Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

Jesus(pbuh): Dead or Alive?

By: Nadeem Quraishi

The author of this page is NOT a Qadiani

This is not a Qadiani propaganda

The accepted  faith of most of the  Muslims is that  Jesus(pbuh) is alive in the Heaven.  According to them  Jews wanted to kill him on the cross and Allah raised him alive in the Heaven.

If you are one of the Muslims who believe in the faith mentioned  above, you need to read along the rest of the discussion.

May I ask you: ‘do you have evidence from the Quran to support your conviction that Jesus(pbuh) is alive and that he was raised alive?’  Most probably you don’t have evidence.  You simply relied on an accepted opinion of the majority Muslims.  Quite a few of you will come up with evidence(s) and that makes the entire discussion so much interesting.

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