Dr Fida Hassnain

Dr Fida Hassnain – Former Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Museums from Kashmir.

The following extract is taken from ‘The Fifth Gospel’


More than one billion people in the world have no other holy book except the Bible.  It is considered to be the original text on the life and mission of Jesus Christ.  The faithful believe that the Bible has always existed in the form in which they see it today.  They further believe that there are no other holy books except the Bible.  They do not know that not only the Bible was changed, altered and shortened from time [to time], but many other scriptures and Gospels were banished from circulation, and destroyed by burning, as ordained by the Church.From the start, the Christian Councils have met and taken decisions on doctrines, from time to time, with the result that the Christian faith, as it exists today, is the faith imposed on us by the ecclesiastical priests.  The net result has been that Jesus Christ, as presented today, appears to be some other personality, [other than] which existed two thousand years ago.  As such, what is needed is to search the real Jesus Christ. 


By searching the real Jesus Christ, we do not intend to do away with all for which Christianity stands today…We have no hesitation to declare that Jesus Christ was the way, the truth and the life.  Many people in the world, despite their religious beliefs, loved him and continue to love him.  Many are searching [for] him and in this respect we quote from the letter of one of our sincere friends, Lina Ada Piantanelli:“Since my childhood, I have been searching [for] Jesus Christ.  It is my sincere wish to get more knowledge about him, because I always forecasted that Jesus did not die on the cross.  It is my best desire to dedicate my life to Jesus and publish all the truths discovered about him.”We are astonished to find that many hurdles are placed in our way to find the truth.  We admit that some may defile the sacred name of Jesus Christ, in their so-called research work.  We also admit that some revealing facts might bring a set-back for Christianity.  But, we must also declare in confidence that the true doctrines of Jesus Christ will flourish and flower, and shall exist forever.  Anyway, no research is final and no research is the last word!  But, we must allow people [to] open their hearts and write whatever they like.

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