Tomb Sign Post

Feet Carvings

The following is the English translation of the information displayed on the signpost that stands outside the Tomb of Jesus Christ. The information contains the views of Khwaja Azam Deddmari , who compiled his Tarikh-i-Azam in about 1729 A.D “Nearby is situated the stone of the grave which, according to… Continue reading

Tomb Photos

Tomb of Jesus

The following images were taken December 2006 provided by an individual who visited the tomb and was able to take these photos. Photography is generally prohibited in and around the tomb. Older Photos The following images are provided to the Tomb of Jesus Website courtesy Ken Lee of Eleven Shadows Ken… Continue reading

Feet Carvings


Are These Crucifixion Scars? These remarkable footprints were found in the tomb next to the sarcophagus. This was first reported in the letter of Maulvi Abdullah to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad written at the end of the 19th Century. The footprints, as indicated in the picture below by Prof. Dr. Fida Hassnain, clearly show that… Continue reading