Tribes, Casts, and Sub-Casts Biblical Names Reference Abri Ibri 1 Chronicles, XXIV: 27 Akwan Achan (Hebrew: Akhan) Joshua, VII:1 Amal Amal 1 Chronicles VII: 35 Asaul Asahel 2 Chronicles, XVII: 8 Asheriya Aser (Hebrew: Asher) Genesis XXX: 13 Attai Attai 1 Chronicles, XII: 11 Azri Azriel 1 Chronicles, V: 24Continue Reading

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Question 1 Where is this ‘Tomb’ of Jesus Christ situated? The Tomb featured at this site is in the Kan Yar District of Shrinagar, Kashmir, India. There is evidence to support the thesis put forward upon this site that Jesus Christ journeyed here after surviving the Crucifixion. There are historicalContinue Reading

Jesus of the East Fortean Times  Although Jesus’s death on the cross, resurrection and ascension to Heaven are fundamental to the Christian faith, a number of stories persist that He travelled in the East and is buried there. Simon Price reviews the claims for the Saviour’s final resting place. ByContinue Reading

The author of Ikmal-ud-Din (the original and full title is, Kamal-ud Din wa Tmam-un Nimat fi Asbat-ul-Ghaibat wa Kashf-ul-Hairet) is Al-Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq Abi Jaffar Muhammad Ibn-i-Ali Ibn-i-Hussain Ibn-i-Musa Ibn-i-Baibuyah al-Qummi, who died in Khorasan in 962 AD.  He was a scholar who had traveled to many countries in order to researchContinue Reading

EditorialPersonal Reflections on ‘Jesus in India’The Tomb of Jesus website attempts to present its material without religious or personal bias. The material is presented without necessarily explaining the religous implications or motivations for some of the research. The list of Jesus in India researchers and contributors covers the entire religiousContinue Reading

Here you will find links to English, German, Spanish, Portugese and other websites that deal with the issue of Jesus in India. Some of the sites are extensive, others briefly mention the subject somewhere in the text. It should not be assumed that any of the individuals or entities associatedContinue Reading