Aloe and Myrrh


Aloe and Myrrh Modern day analysis on the most ancient of herbs. Known for being applied to Jesus once in the tomb and assumed to be part of an embalming process, what role do these herbs play in the world today? Later, Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body… Continue reading

CHART 3: Kashmir & Nearby Areas


Name of Place & its location (in parenthesis) Biblical Names Reference Ach-bal (Anantnag) Ash-bal (Eshbal) Genesis, XLVI: 21 Aguru (Palwama & Srinagar) Agur Proverbs, XXX: 1 Ajas (Srinagar) Ajah Genesis, XXXVI: 24 Alvan (Handwara) Alvan 1 Chronicles, II: 24 Amariah (Srinagar) Amariah 1 Chronicles, XXIII: 19 Aner-wan (Srinagar) Aner 1… Continue reading

CHART 1: Kashmir


Tribes, Casts, and Sub-Casts Biblical Names Reference Abri Ibri 1 Chronicles, XXIV: 27 Akwan Achan (Hebrew: Akhan) Joshua, VII:1 Amal Amal 1 Chronicles VII: 35 Asaul Asahel 2 Chronicles, XVII: 8 Asheriya Aser (Hebrew: Asher) Genesis XXX: 13 Attai Attai 1 Chronicles, XII: 11 Azri Azriel 1 Chronicles, V: 24… Continue reading

Lost Tribes – Introduction

lost tribes of israel

Lost Tribes – Introduction Assuming that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion, for what purpose would he travel, far away from his homeland, to Kashmir? Perhaps the answer might be found in the Bible: “These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, ‘Go not into the way of the Gentiles,… Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1 Where is this ‘Tomb’ of Jesus Christ situated? The Tomb featured at this site is in the Kan Yar District of Shrinagar, Kashmir, India. There is evidence to support the thesis put forward upon this site that Jesus Christ journeyed here after surviving the Crucifixion. There are historical… Continue reading

Sir Aurel Stein

“Popular local tradition has fortunately in Kashmir proved far more tenacious than the traditions of the learned.  I have often derived from it very valuable assistance in my local search for particular data.  The experience gained on my antiquarian tours has convinced me that when collected with caution, and critically… Continue reading

Sir Francis Younghusband Kashmir

Wikipedia entry: Lieutenant Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband KCSI KCIE (31 May 1863 – 31 July 1942, Dorsetshire) was a British Army officer, explorer, and spiritual writer. He is remembered chiefly for his travels in the Far East and Central Asia–especially the 1904 British invasion of Tibet, which he led–and for… Continue reading