Ashwin Sanghi – Author of The Rozabal Line


(Taken from an Exclusive Interview – of Ashwin Sanghi / Shawn Haigins by the Tomb of Jesus Website) What is your personal belief about the tomb in Kashmir known as Rozabal?
My personal belief is that it is irrelevant whether Rozabal is indeed the actual tomb of Jesus or not. For me, personally, Rozabal represents an “alternative story”. It is representative of the possibility that the story contained in the four canonical gospels may not be the entire truth. It is also symbolic of many facets of the Christian faith that have been obliterated down the ages. The fact that the lost tribes of Israel certainly had a connection with India, the fact that early Christianity drew inspiration from other faiths such as Buddhism, the fact that Jesus may have been one the greatest men that walked on earth, but a man nonetheless.What was / is the aim of your book?
My aim has remained one: to illustrate that in a world full of religious and political strife, deep down there is much more in common between world religions than we can ever imagine. If we can emphasize these commonalities, it could be a way to heal divisions.What role do you think the Tomb in Kashmir has to play in world today?
As we speak, the strife in Kashmir has peaked once again. Why is it that some of the most beautiful lands in the world need blood to quench the land’s thirst? Rozabal has the potential of making the world press the pause button – a reflective, thoughtful, contemplative pause to ponder: What exactly are we all fighting for and is it worth it?

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